Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somewhere midstream my story begins...

The Guru
An unstructured poem

A spark of light deep within projected without
Shinning like a multi-faceted diamond.
Knowledge shines from an inner source and pours out like a symphony.
We are all divine flutes each hole an inner spring
Synchronizing the microcosm with the macrocosm
It’s a real hip tune…

Taking a little side step – it’s a dance
Meandering through the notes, playfully, turbulently, permeating.
Once in a while – just for the fun of it – taking a plunge
Only to slow to a gentle flow…

The still small voice within
A roar of thunder
The wellspring becomes the ocean
From the Earth’s core the spring is emancipated into the sea
Into the eternal external
What became of the internal, interminable, immortal?

The Guru surfs the wind
It’s like, can you capture the wind in a bottle?
That which is innately free has to flow unimpeded, you cannot categorize it nor memorize it
The surfer is in sync with the wind – he lets it be, he becomes it…

Life started midstream
Just when it felt like it was ending
There came a glimmer of a new start
Life is just like that
Off beat, in beat, a quarter beat
No beat, be – just be.

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